Monday, 9 December 2013


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If only there was time to see everybody all the time, then nobody could judge anybody else for being a fool. 

This is not a quote, I couldn't remember one so I tried to think of what Oscar Wilde, one of the great wits and observers of times gone by, would have said looking back on this life from this distance. 

His life is one of fascination for being so different to our own today and yet connects with us because on the unfairness that brought about his downfall.


Wilde are the dreams
Ageing picture still not seen
Imagine the paper cut
Words used to draw last blood

Wilde are the thoughts
Beauty gazed upon in open court
Dracula's sire taking your love
Words remembered are but enough

Wilde are the journeys
Worlds absorbed through minds attorney
The importance of friends advice royal
Words against actions foolishly ignored 

Wilde are the accusations
Truth of ones soul lies forsaken
Undeniable the presence of another
Words betrayal of the lover

Wilde are the winds
Distant now the past life's sins
Broken like the rocks of hard labour
Words in stone mark your sleep



Ashley R Lister said...

A fitting tribute. He really was a literary luminary and society did him a great injustice.