Friday, 4 July 2014

A Quenching Read?

On this weeks' theme of "Refreshment", I was stuck. To me, refreshment is the taking of liquids to sate your thirst.  I've realised however, that as I am under the weather, and have been for some time now, it is affecting my writing in general.  So, after much panicking because my brain just doesn't want to co-operate when I want it to, I FINALLY managed to put this together.  Sincerest apologies for any dip in standards.

A drink? I'd be delighted .....!

Oh, for a drink to quench my thirst
Please say you have one to hand?
A nice cool squash in Wimbledon week
Quite fitting, it would be grand.

How about an Iced Tea in a tall glass?
A slice of lemon adorning the rim,
A straw to sip from - take your time,
Or perhaps upgrade to a cheeky Pimm's?

A Frappe? A Lassi? A Smoothie? A Pop?
Fizzing and tickling your nose,
A pure fruit juice for health benefits?
Replenishing vitamins I suppose.

Even better still, a cool water?
Surely the best bet by far?
But don't gulp it straight down -
You'll end up with a frown,
Hiccups are a pain in the a**e!!

My favourite tipples for refreshments purposes have to be Water (obviously, very healthy), or if I'm a little naughtier a lovely Fanta Lemon!! Mmmmmmm.

Favourite tipple for non-refreshment purposes?  Either coffee, or even better still, a lovely Vodka and Coke! That'll do nicely!  In fact, you'll see me enjoying one of the latter tonight at the No.5 Cafe, Cedar Square, Blackpool from 6pm where our Open Mic Night will begin.  This months theme is the Natural World.  I truly hope you'll join us! All are welcome, to read or just listen to others reading work they have composed.  You don't have to stick to the theme though if you want to come and read.  Hopefully see you there!

Thanks for reading my waffle once again.  ;-) x