Friday, 11 July 2014


Anecdote ..... a short and amusing story. I am rubbish at remembering them. I live a quiet uneventful life, and therefore do not have many (if any) proper ones to share.

As a toddler, I absolutely HATED wearing frilly dresses, much preferring to wear my red all-weather dungarees and wellies. So, every time I was placed in one of those dainty and delicate garments, I would promptly start work pulling the frills off it and the matching pants.

There was the time my childhood self decided it would be a good idea to climb inside a cardboard box which was nearly as tall as me, hide, then jump out and surprise whoever was walking past. The problem being the dimensions of said box and my own balance. Once I was in, I couldn't move and toppled over, banging my head on the concrete driveway without being able to raise my arms to break the fall.  The result? A very large egg shaped bump on my temple and quite a magnificent black eye! Try explaining that to your Teacher at School!

Around the age of 8, I received an Action Man for Christmas. I was over the moon! My brother however was not as pleased with the Cindy Dune Buggy he found in his stack of presents though.  Still, he kept it and put his other Action Men in it instead (minus the Cindy stickers). Yes, I kept the Action Man.

Another time, when I was in my moody stage of being a teenager (which thankfully wasn't for long), I grew tired and exasperated of receiving the polyester jumpers which I received every year from my Gran at Christmas. That particular year, it was a rather loud electric blue affair, with white reindeer and snow.  On Boxing Day I took it into the back yard and ungratefully burnt it in a fit of petulance. Sorry Gran! Mind you the look on my Mums' face was priceless!! I was a nice girl who didn't normally act in such a way you understand.

 As you can see, I wasn't a girly-girl, very much a tom-boy. Hee hee.

How times have changed ... :

I used to hate dresses,
I'd pull the frills off out of spite,
I would never hold a tea-party
With my toys, it just wasn't right.
I would never play at dress-up
pretending to be a fairy Princess
I would much prefer to play outside
and dig and make a mess.
A doll in a buggy
would sit and gather dust,
The Girls' World styling head,
Unappealing, was just a bust.
Then came the year
that I received a pedal Police car,
I whizzed around our drive-way
pretending I was going far.
Ok, my parents had to disconnect
the siren, I wasn't keen.
Would cry every time I heard it
but still, it looked real mean!
I loved that little Police car,
I must have pedalled for miles and miles,
Always staying in the driveway,
Full of joy and full of smiles!

How times have changed ...

These days I don't drive at all
Never having taken lessons or a test,
I walk or take public transport,
Which leaves me feeling stressed.
Although practical day to day,
I now love those pretty dresses,
my favourites are of vintage style
with coiffed and curled tresses.
I love to get all dressed up
and try and look my very best,
but I have no functions to go to,
Nor any person to take as a guest.
I love high heeled shoes,
although they don't like me,
I struggle to walk very far in them
I wobble and walk quite manly.
So you see, I may have made my bed
many years ago, it true,
I am not dainty and delicate,
with lady-like qualities to view,
I am and will always be a tom-boy,
playing at being a girl,
So therefore I will have to lay in it,
Dreaming of make-up and kiss curls! 

Thanks for reading. ;-) x


Abdulicious said...

Liking the rhyme for rhyme style your going with in the poem. I guess if your a tom boy then your down with the Homiez you can roll with my crew anyday.

She who shall not be named said...

I love that you kept the Action Man. And your brother the Cindy car. And dungarees are way better than dresses aren't they? Especially red dungarees!

Great anecdotes :-) Tom boys have the most fun xx

Louise Barklam said...

Cheers Abdul! ;-)

Louise Barklam said...

Ha ha, absolutely! :-P