Sunday, 13 July 2014

End to End: A Brazilian Round Up Poem

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This week the dead good bloggers have been looking at anecdotes. I haven't, I've been watching the football. A world cup full packed full of end to end football, have a go heroes and stoic performances has come to an end and, after a surprisingly cagey final, the world of football now offers its congratulations to Germany, who have given nothing short of a masterclass!

With that said then, I'm happy to  share with you the product of my evening- and given that the whistle went only moments ago, this is probably the first world cup round up poem posted anywhere in the world. You're welcome...

End to End

The vanishing foam and a swandive
That efficient first German win
The tweeting of Barack Obama
Then Spain sent home by Chileans
The swerving first left foot of Messi
The fresh Costa Rican surprise
A wave of delight from the Mexican bench
Then the striker that had too much bite
Football struck back- James chests, turns and volleys
Before diving, a shamed Arjen Robben admits
The US went crazy for Howard's heroics
Then Zuniga left Neymar in bits.
The Krulest of penalty mindgames,
Ein Siebening to forget for the hosts
Before Argentina's spot kick win
Launched a two day invasion by coach.
Then the final, an anxious encounter in Rio
Saw the prize lifted high by a great German team
The passion, the pain and the end to end football
With the eyes of the world- what a reason to dream.

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Christo said...

Well done, and thanks, Shaun.
Shame the fact that the tournament was shown at all has distressed so many from the Fb remarks.
And farewell to Alan Hansen, the footballer pundit - thanks for all the insights.
And Gary Lineker is right - the tournament opens with high hopes in hearts, 120 goals are scored AND THEN THE GERMANS WIN.
But they really did deserve it this time.