Saturday, 23 August 2014


If poetry really were the new rock & roll, would Byron have been Screaming Lord Sutch? Would Shelley have been Donovan Leitch? Would John Cooper Clark have been John Cooper Clark? Would Thoreau have been the new Springsteen? Ponder on...

It's a beautiful late summer's day in downtown Blackpool and I'm relaxing in the garden after a busy week, just soaking up the rays. Sunshine has to be one of the healthiest drugs around....

Sun Poem
The world is shining,
basking half-asleep.
Infinite shades of green in the grass,
daisies open and oriented,
smells of breakfast on the breeze.

Shadow trees shimmer
on lawns and paving-stones
already warm to naked feet.

Warm earth, warm air,
of life growing minutely around.

With a feeling of complete passivity
I lie
like a baby on the breast of nature,
bathed in the lux of golden sun,
its protective womb-warmth
and smile.

Thanks for reading.
Have a great week-end, everyone, Steve Rowland ;-)