Friday, 5 September 2014

You ...

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This weeks topic is .... You.  That could be you from my perspective, you from your perspective, meaning me, and of course, you could be anyone of us. Confused yet?

Because we are all complex individuals, there should be many a story to tell for this topic. But while the Blog is currently under a transition in writers, and there aren't as many writing as usual, it unfortunately has fallen a little flatter than I hoped it would.  Yes, it was me who suggested the topic this week. Guilty as charged.

Anyway, enough waffle.

I could have chosen many people to base my blog on this week, but as they say, write what you know. So I have (possibly, rather boringly) chosen my son, Joe.  If you've met him, you'll understand why, if you haven't then please see some of my previous posts. I have mentioned him once or twice in the past.

It's hard to describe to a woman or couple who has never struggled to fall pregnant, just how much he means. But I always ask that people try to understand. Imagine wanting something all your adult life so far, then after you've been given the news that it will never happen, that you are tortured daily by the sight of others who have achieved your goal, then it finally happens!  That might give you an inkling.


You'll never understand the depth of my love,
how very precious you are,
the fulfilment you've brought into my life,
how bright you shine like a star.

Illuminating my existence, 
I wasn't living, just marking time.
You are my reason to be, my raison d'etre,
the source of joy divine.

You are truly amazing,
you lift me to cloud nine.
Don't ever change who you are,
my little ray of sunshine!

There is a song that I have have sung to him (only the first verse though, the rest is a bit depressing), since he was a baby. You may know it, it's called: "You are my sunshine".  He now sings it to people he knows, and every time he does, he melts their hearts. That's the kind of chap he is. I would be lost without him.

Thanks for reading.  ;-) x