Friday, 24 April 2015

Basic Stuff

elemental (ˌɛlɪˈmɛntəl Pronunciation for elemental 



  1. fundamental; basic; primal   ⇒ the elemental needs of man
  2. motivated by or symbolic of primitive and powerful natural forces or passions   ⇒ elemental rites of worship
  3. of or relating to earth, air, water, and fire considered as elements
  4. of or relating to atmospheric forces, esp wind, rain, and cold
  5. of, relating to, or denoting a chemical element


  1. (rare) a spirit or force that is said to appear in physical form

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So, "elemental" hey? Okay. Hmmmmmmmmmmm. Alrighty then. Whoever chose this theme wasn't being fair to those of us who may be struggling with their writing at the moment were they? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Oh well. As I am struggling, and to keep things simple, I have dusted off a couple of old poems (written many moons ago). Please forgive this cop out, but I am not going to beat myself up because I simply cannot think of something fresh on theme. 

I have therefore picked two poems which cover "elemental" from differing points. This one as an adjective:

The Force

Thick dark grey clouds blanket the sky,
Creeping, crawling, clinging cold that bites,
Freezing rain and hammering hail,
Winds whistling and howling, gusting to Gales!

No shelter from the elements along our coastline,
Facing the Irish Sea, bringing mountains of brine,
Battering the Sea wall relentlessly,
A force to be reckoned with?  Not likely!

Respect to the power that accompanies our weather,
Such a brute and so fierce and will be forever?
Chimneys, slates and trees may fall,
But this pounding we take is only our Winter after all!

Or this one as a noun:

Destination Unknown

A crisp, clear night marking Winter’s cusp
Fields and tree’s twinkle with frost
Moon so full with hazy halo to bear
Stars sparkle above guiding the lost.

A long straight path skirts a Village
Picturesque yet ghostly in the cool blue light
Nocturnal peace so unearthly shattered
Shrill sounding whistle instilling fright.

The ground rumbles gently beneath your feet
Growing stronger, then you hear the distant hum
Of metal wheels on metal tracks, getting closer
Fear claws at senses in the oncoming thrum.

More noises, now distinct as it approaches
Clickety clack and the chuff of the steam
Then screeching and squealing of the brakes
Thunderous tremors and piercing screams

Replaying the tragedy where so many lost their lives
You see the carriages derailing and plunging down
Rolling over and over again
The victims destined never to reach Town.

The sound of groaning steel, so twisted
Cries for help, die on the air, simply fade away
Restoring an eerie silence and stillness all around
Elemental echoes of a grim and fateful day.

Long ago, it’s true that Trains ran along here
On this pathway come cycle track
The sleepers removed so many years ago
But a Spectral Train needs no tracks to come back!

Again, many apologies for this under par blog this week. I will hopefully have more luck with next weeks theme.  Many thanks for reading.  ;-)  x


Louise Barklam said...

Oh boy! Dropped myself in it now haven't I? It would appear that it was me who suggested this theme, way back in December. Whatever was inspiring me then has evidently abandoned me in the interim. Lol. Hey-ho! =-O :-D

Steve Rowland said...

I wasn't going to mention it :-))))