Friday, 8 May 2015


I am sat at the breakfast bar in the kitchen at my Mum's house while I type this, listening to the background sound of rain on the window. Each time I pause to think, I look up and watch the patterns that the drops make as they hit the glass. Random patterns. Not the neat reoccurring type which, although I usually prefer things to be symmetrical and ordered, I love. It's one of my favourite things to do. Sit warm and snug indoors while listening and watching the rain. I find it an excellent time to discover the stillness and peace inside, to reflect with a nice warm cup of coffee or hot chocolate (marshmallows optional, but really tasty!).

But I suppose, although I do most of my blogs from this perch, it is the perfect place for inspiration today. I am surrounded by patterns here and I think it's great! I mean take a look at the lino ....

So, whether it is discussing patterns in sequences of numbers in my son's homework, watching the rain on the window, looking at decoration of some sort or other, the design in block paving or just the ripples in my mug, I am grateful for the multitude of patterns which surrounds us every day. It would be jolly boring otherwise!


I like the look of those circles
as they loop around and round,
intertwining, repeating
from on high to the ground.
I feel I could be swept up
on a never ending loop-de-loop,
swirling, swooping, spinning,
in a revolutionary hoop.
I'd know what it feels like 
to be a Catherine wheel,
always reeling and rotating,
like on a funfair ride I'd squeal!
But now I'm getting a little dizzy,
I really want to get off!
I'd better look at another wallpaper
that ones suddenly a turn-off!

As always, thanks for reading! ;-) x