Friday, 18 September 2015

My favourite bells ...

Looking South East from Bishopthorpe

On the topic of bells this week, I became rather wistful and started to yearn for the village in which I grew up near York. The Church of that village (St. Andrews) had a set of bells which were rung with gusto every Sunday and although we didn't attend services as a family, I still find that sound a fond childhood memory. Being a village, set in the countryside, it had wonderful scenic views especially alongside the river and in the autumn it was evocative even more so. The smells of wood burning fires, damp leaves and sugar beet from the fields. Heaven!

So please forgive me while I take a trip down memory lane in this weeks poem:

Image result for st andrews church, bishopthorpe, misty
St Andrews Church, Bishopthorpe.

Those bells

Cool autumnal morn
breaks across the landscape.
Broken cloud
in banks
roll imperceptibly
across the sky.
Muted tones of purples
pinks, oranges and reds
smudged together
with grey.
A low mist
blankets the ground
and as it rises,
trying to reach
the treetops -
all skeleton bare,
branches raking on high,
it fades and thins.
Crisp air catches the lungs
forcing cumulus billows
upon the exhale.
The slightest nip
bringing rosiness 
to the cheek.
Without a breeze
the stillness
does nothing to lift
the dampness
or the leaves
which lie
sodden and muddy
The path winds on
along the river bank
as I bird watch -
the Ducks, the Sparrows,
the Robin, the Thrush.
Sombre hued
Blackbirds and Crows
herald the coming day
in their own
individual ways
until a distant peal
of church bells
welcome the faithful
on a sleepy
subdued Sunday.

I love Autumn! Thanks for reading. ;-) x


Lady Curt said...

Strange ..when I saw the topic originally I too thought of a quintessential English village. I lived on Oxfordshire for 20 years and used to love the sound of bells ringing across the meadow ( like in Ketelby's tune ! ) . Being brought up in Scotland the bells did not ring out in many of the Church of Scotland establishments..except if requested for a wedding and a sombre toll on a Sunday to call the worshippers. So there was a joy to hear campanologists practising during the week.

Louise Barklam said...

Indeed Kath! I miss them .... alot! :-)

Louise Barklam said...
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Louise Barklam said...
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Adele said...

Lovely atmospheric poem Louise. Have been on holiday and this week I can detect a little Autumn in the air.