Friday, 22 April 2016

A Tragic Year

As Adele quite rightly pointed out yesterday, a tragedy is an event that causes suffering, destruction and/or distress.

Quite frankly, for many people, this year is turning out to be a tragic one indeed. Our "adopted" family, the people we hold in high esteem; be they musicians, actors, composers, directors, playwrights, authors, designers, philosophers, footballers ... The list of names of note that have departed this mortal coil since Christmas 2015 is quite staggering. But of all the names on that list, all much loved, there are two that hit me hardest .... Alan Rickman and Victoria Wood. I first saw Alan Rickman in Die Hard and didn't think much of it (action films are ok, but not my favourite films). However, watching him in Love Actually hurt. I mean really hurt. How could he cheat? The sense of disappointment was palpable. Then came Snape in the Harry Potter films and my heart was hardened altogether on a character who, I thought, was a bad'un .... then shattered into a gazillion pieces on finding out the truth when he died. A talented actor who could draw you in and immerse the viewer totally. As for Victoria Wood, well who couldn't love a true northern lass who was funny ... And I mean FUNNY! Lord knows, we need more laughter in this world. I loved the sketch shows, the stand up shows, but most of all, I loved Dinnerladies.

Now bearing mind that this post is written in April ... This may need updating before the year is out.

The 2016 Starlight Parade:

In December 2015, the Grim Reaper declared
All out war on "celebrity".
Enough was enough, the scales had tipped,
Burning on his scroll, too many names awaiting eternity.
He sharpened the blade of his iconic scythe
'Til it hummed and sang with each stroke of pumice stone,
Sparks spitting, sulphurous fumes emitting,
It was time to call some legends to a new home.
The first name to appear quite fittingly was
Lemmy - a hell raiser indeed!
But it was not just rockers who would fall to his blade,
But any public figure held in high esteem.
So far we have lost musicians and playwrights, 
actors, directors, conductors and more ...
Not only they ... but designers, composers,
philosophers, footballers and authors.
Individually we will remember those we held close to our hearts,
And thank them for their talent, their gift to us all,
Look to the night sky and marvel anew,
The Starlight Parade growing in a bid to enthrall.

I can't make all their names fit into this poem,  although I did try. So below in no particular order, is a list of the majority of people who have passed this year. I apologise if I missed anyone.

Lemmy, David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Victoria Wood, Terry Wogan, Ronnie Corbett, Paul Daniels, David Gest, Doris Roberts, Prince, Guy Hamilton, Actor Gareth Thomas, Sir Arnold Wesker, David Swift, Merle Haggard, Leandro "Gato" Barbieri, Patty Duke, Gary Shandling, Jim Harrison, Ken Howard, Phife Dawg, Rita Gam, Cliff Michelmore, Frank Sinatra Jr., Sylvia Anderson, Asa Briggs, Anita Brookner, Sir Peter Maxwell Davies, Keith Emmerson, Ken Adam, Sir George Martin, Michael White, Pat Conroy, Tony Dyson, Tony Warren, George Kennedy, Louise Rennison, Frank Kelly, Tony Burton, John Chilton, Johnny Murphy, Douglas Slocombe, Umberto Eco, Harper Lee, Geroge Gaynes, Daniel Gerson, Dan Hicks, Maurice White, Joe Alaskey, Initzar Hussain, Frank Finlay, Paul Kantner, Chyna, Signe Tole Anderson, Abe Vigoda, Colin Vearncombe, Jimmy Bain, Glen Frey, Dale Griffin, Clarence Reid, Dan Haggerty, Robert Stigwood, Vilmos Zsigmond, Natalie Cole, David Margulies, Richard Davalos, Johan Cruyff .... Rest In Peace all.

By losing these names, we lose a part of our youth. So, to other celebrities I say it brings to mind a poem by Dylan Thomas ... Do Not Go Gentle Into That Dark Night ...

Thanks for reading. x



Adele said...

Wonderful that you have listed them all. Yesterday 'Price' left us too. I must find a raspberry beret. So many wonderful memories. I agree about Alan Rickman - Truly Madly Deeply was my first encounter. Watch it if you get chance Louise.