Tuesday, 5 April 2016


Well we all like a good laugh ! It's strange that we tend to recall and or laugh at visual comedy. That's why silent movies or mimed comedy so delights us. We remember funny physical events in our lives....more so than spoken comedy. This is why audiences watch programmes like " You've Been Framed ", or " Beadle's About " or " Candid Camera " . We revel in misfortune that we find amusing. Yet it isn't always amusing for the person portrayed. We laugh before the outcome as we know the setup beforehand. So today I'm going to recall an incident from my youth that amused me greatly then....and still does to this day. Let's see if you find it as funny.....

We had a family outing to " His Majesty's Theatre " in Aberdeen , to see a new musical entitled ' Go for your gun ' ( or some such title ) . We had seats in the second row of the balcony, slap bang centre...ideal. My mother was however put out as the woman in front of her kept her hat on...a natty number with a brim. So the musical was underway and the action was taking part on the stage floor...a fight with knives. My mother handed round a box of Maltesers ( her favourite ), and we duly took one each. She was obviously focussed on the fight and didn't see the Sheriff slinking over the tops of the buildings above the fight. He fired his rifle and my mother ( taken completely unawares ) jumped up screaming! Screaming then issued from those below us in the auditorium , as they thought they were being peppered with buckshot ( and not Maltesers ! ). A general hub hub got up for a few moments, then all settled back down. Every time we moved our feet the Maltesers crunched, and my mother then proceeded to pick the remaining chocolates out of the hat brim in front!. As we left the theatre , people remarked that they hadn't thought much of the production and that the best bit had been when the lady in the balcony dropped the Maltesers!

I'm sure that most of you have an event that proved to be a real comedy, and I hope that you enjoyed my wee tale.

Thanks for reading, Kath.


Steve Rowland said...

And I always thought Maltesers floated upwards! ;-) Very entertaining, Kath.