Friday, 22 July 2016


Well. it's been a week of change....we've experienced the hottest weather ...up to 35' in places. I recorded 30' in my front hall...with all doors and windows open! ( That's a change!)

We moved down to Cleveleys in order to benefit from warmer weather. You see my husband was from Oxford and when he took early retirement ( due to an injury ) we moved to Buckie on the Moray Firth coast. For him it was indeed an absolute lifestyle, climate, culture, people, interests and hobbies. I'd been brought up in Aberdeen so it wasn't such a culture change for me. What changed for me was lifestyle as I'd been a full time teacher in charge of Textiles / technology for the secondary school I worked in and as a liaising specialist for the incoming primary school pupils. So it was a busy task, plus I had a son recently left school. All change! We bought a rather large dilapidated house on a cliff top and decided to go into the holiday business. Two years of building, plumbing, putting in electrics, heating etc we were ready to go. ( I was labourer on most projects)...measuring, mixing cement, getting into tight areas like the loft, going up ladders..the list is about change! I'd spent my career being very neatly dressed, watching the clock, guiding pupils as a form teacher, participating in extra curricular activities...and there I was in dungarees, never wearing a watch  and spare time was spent on the beach collecting firewood and generally watching the tide come in and out ! This complete change had a very positive affect on my health though. I'd suffered Ulcerative Colitis for many years, without a good treatment, but after living in Buckie for a year my symptoms disappeared. I put this down to a less stressful , and a more laid back lifestyle.

Thirteen years later and quite unknown to me change was again on the horizon....

My husband had a heart attack whilst we were on holiday ( I was driving on the M6 and took him to Penrith hospital, where he transferred to Carlisle ). A change of lifestyle , diet and occupation loomed. So it was that we kept on going as he made a full recovery and a few months later, in the September, we stopped our motorhome on Cleveleys prom and my husband remarked how healthy people looked and how warm it was.

The rest is pretty obvious.

That's how I came to live in Cleveleys. I don't envisage any more such changes....but it's not out of the question!

Our house in Buckie

My poems today are really from the archives and there are two, to illustrate change.

For My Love    26/11/68

And as the miles between us slowly stretch on through the dark night,
I feel no real pangs of remorse, for up to now there is no change
In my life. I know that I'll hear from you again -
Yet I'm afraid lest I never see you again.
If I say I love you now, it means forever.
Never have I said these words before -
Though others professed their love for me -
I paid no heed.
But you were different, it meant that I could really give love
in return for yours.
Though the years and distance lie between
I have my memories, my dreams and my hopes for the future.

It's Worn Off    3/69

As I stir up those last dying embers of love,
Trying desperately to revive the little flame,
I realise the futility of it all.
The sheer desperation of continuing it
Has worn off.

Tomorrow is another day and a new life.
Tomorrow is the turning after which there is no return.
I can see it all clearly now.
The determination to hang on
Has worn off.

How fickle of me....hope you enjoyed reading and thank you...Kath


Adele said...

This is a very interesting blog Kath. The contrast between the two is delightful. Thank you for sharing.

Ella M. Arner said...

Changes are around us every day, it's a question of choice. There is no right or wrong choice, there are your feelings and sense of soul's comfort. Do it and make your dreams come true.