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Sunday, 2 September 2018


I recently went to the beach with my kids and while they played, I decided to put together a collection of the tiniest sea shells I could find. The first few were larger, and the more I looked for them the ones I found became progressively smaller. As I challenged myself to find the smallest one I could see, I remembered a photograph of sand viewed under a microscope. The picture clearly showed tiny specks of sand which were not parts of shells, but complete, and it occurred to me that these tiny shells all once housed a miniscule creature. I was holding a tiny creature cover.

You cast yourself a fragile shell

To house your soft self

Keeping out perceived agonies

To seem strong and dignified

To keep out the hungry

But when waves cast you abeach

They see through your defence

To your softness.

They smash through anyway.



Steve Rowland said...

Love the poem Lindsay. Great to see you writing for the blog once more... hope it will happen again.