Monday, 18 July 2011

Finding Inspiration.

I'm not here.

I'm not here to make a half-arsed remark about the demise of the Murdoch empire, the weather over the weekend or even the things that inspire me, with poetry. In fact, there is every chance I am still a little drunk- I'm at Latitude.

Last night I saw Saul Williams and Jo Shapcott. I hope they were amazing. On Friday I saw Linton Kwesi Johnson and Saturday may just have seen me squeeze in Tim Key. Don't be rude. I've seen other things too; probably music, cabaret, groundbreaking new theatre, woodland art, a couple of film stars and the usual array of festival novelties not really worth a mention on a poetry blog.

So there we are. I haven't really blogged at all. You aren't really reading this and, by the time I come back from the festival, I might think of something worth telling you- in which case I will post a further comment. Those of you that don't bother reading titles will not know that this week's theme is Finding Inspiration (chosen by the lovely Lara) and so for that, I feel I am letting the side down a little. The truth is, last minute as ever is probably all about finding inspiration for me. The idea that pops into your head just when you're already running behind... There is so much to do before Latitude, I'll leave you with this:

For me to write down,
All of the stuff in my head.
An impossibi...


Ashley R Lister said...


I think you've just posted the blog's first poem. Hope you are both enjoying Latitude.


Ste said...

So jealous you saw Saul Williams. Hope you had a good time and didn't get too soggy :)

vicky ellis said...

I am inspired. Inspired to go to Latitude next year :)

Lisa Gilbride said...

You saw Linton Kwesi Johnson?! Vicky, me too!

Shaun said...

Upon returning: Ste, he was amazing. Simon Armitage produced a masterclass in reading and Jo Shapcott too. Linton was an absolute let down I'm afraid. Read about seven poems over an hour and basically gave a packed tent a Black Rights lecture.
Just a heads up, there will be no further posting from me today- I'm far too tired.