Thursday, 26 January 2012

What's New Pussycat?

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Raven's back again with my post for this week. I'm such a great mum I'm not even going to edit this - because she's got to learn.

I'd like to point out that:
a) This probably links ino the Key Stage 4 curriculum
b) As she states, if I hadn't intervened she would have wasted her night
c) Raven did not want to play skittles with the cat. She was referring to the confectionary
d) I think this post accurately represents how I have been planning for Thursday's event - by working on unrelated assignment which is due in tomorrow and which I only started yesterday. Wish me luck!

So - here's Raven on what is a fairly standard evening:

Well quite frankly i am miffed.
I am supposed to be reblogging useless images on tumblr right now, wasting my night.
I am instead being forced into writing my mothers blog, as she is to busy doing other work and cannot pause for
five minuted to write.
So she makes the thirteen year old do it.
what a joke.
Well lets see.
I am currently sat in my pajamas, in my bed.
I am listening to sex bomb by Tom Jones, thinking about how much easier tumblr
is to use on the currently occupied PC and im fairly hungry.
I could do with a cat right now, but they decide to stay downstairs near the computer, the better of the electronic equipment.
I have school tomorrow, I should be sleeping right now.
But i am being made to stay up later just to write something that my own mother couldn't be bothered to do.
I am so loved.
I am off to fetch some skittles and a cat.


Anonymous said...

Shocking. Truely shocking. Could be something out of Dickens.

Ashley R Lister said...


Thanks for contributing to the blog this week. I was reading this and listening to the soundtrack of Annie. Coincidentally it was the track 'A Hard Nut Life', which seemed appropriate given the hardship you were suffering whilst being forced to write :-)



I wish you hadn't explained the meaning of 'I am off to fetch some skittles and a cat.' I could have ranted to people about the youth of today with their blatant cruelty to animals etc.


Ste said...

I think Raven's fast becoming a guest blogger. I say give her a Sunday!

Lindsay said...

Yep, Raven for guest blogger please!