Thursday, 9 August 2012

Paul Young's Happy Place

I have constructed a pome based on the pictures used by Standard in yesterday's post.  I think it might accurately reflect the combination of his perplexion and my ennui. 

Wherever I lay my hat

mammalian flight case goes to battle - with only a walnut for a brain

reflects on the sheen of a young Roger Moore, thinking
Brylcreem might just be step 3 of a plan that it stole
from the Internet
memed to extremes, tweaked, wiki'd and tweeted
stolen like screams beneath Norwegian noses
causing the lice to parade in pomade
tank-top dancers
scratch as nymphs screw til they're squillions
skewer and suck through sub-dermal canals
blood utopia riptides
valves vibrating vodka
to darkness (Pig's likeness)
arch anthropods pissed as the head
with the hat

Fun fact for the day: just as some immature insects are called nymphs, the immature water-dwelling insects such as mayflies and damselflies are known as naiads, after the Greek mythological water nymphs. 

I think we can all see the resemblance between a mayfly naiad and a Greek naiad.



Ashley R Lister said...

Funny thing: as I was reading the poem, I could hear it being narrated in your voice.


Standard said...

Wow, that's EXACTLY what I was thinking when I posted mine! ;P