Monday, 18 March 2013

This Road Less Travelled

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Be yourself, like yourself, understand yourself. Let others like you, let other compliment you, don't worry if others don't understand you. 

I found it hard to write anything on this theme because of my own path, because of what I have put my poor mind through understanding my path. It was such a personal journey for me, realising and accepting that this is the road I should be on, even if it's a bit lonely. Eventually I found other travellers    that helped me, or just kept me company. 

So to express these feeling I have about the road I walk on that makes me happy, I wrote this poem.

I do hope it comes across.

This road less travelled

The motorway for all,
Is boot to bonnet deep,
With the proletariat sheep,
And the middle class a sleep.

Looking for the same thing,
That shows them as different fools,
But it's only money they loose,
Dangling from a conformists noose.

Bitterness chills the air with frost,
Occupying all surface exposed,
Yet a warmth inside me grows,
With ever single breath I blow.

Because I stroll this B road,
Nature trying to hide the way,
That I walk on every day,
No matter what the people say.

I'm happy on my own path,
With the under growth all levelled,
And the brambles all unravelled,
Walking on the road less travelled.


Lisa McFleeca said...

I like the heart in this. Very inspiring for a Monday morning!

Thanks Col :-)

Cerridwen said...

I love this. It's beautiful and raw at the same time. I relate.

Enjoyed reading,

Colin Davies said...

Thank you for your kind words

vicky ellis said...

As a driver who has ended up trying to enter a motorway slip road from the wrong direction and has travelled a long way down a narrow track that turned into a beach (and had to reverse half a mile to escape) I can appreciate the pitfalls of the alternative routes. Great poem :-)

Ashley R Lister said...

Damned good writing.