Monday, 15 July 2013

Did you check under your bed?

Whether you believe in fairies or not, one should never take the chance. Because what if you're wrong? What if all those things are real? That as you sleep Trolls come and try to steal your breath, or monsters as big as your room come to feast on your eyes.

What if every nightmare you've ever had wasn't a dream, but just your way of remember what actually happen that night? Is it worth taking the chance? For five minutes of your life each night, is it worth risking your very soul?

Take heed of the lessons of old written in the texts of tales. Centuries have morphed them into children's stories, rhymes of amusement. Read them and remember their lessons, for these are not just fanciful yarns designed to induce imagined creatures dancing in the shadows of the fires light. These so called 'fairy tales' are a warning to anyone who will listen. 

As the night draws near and dusk begins to snuff out the days sun, remember to doubt what you think you know, take the safe option. 

Are your sure your windows and doors locked?  Are the draft cracks covered? and...

Did you check under your bed?

When you lie alone at night,
Just before your eye shut tight,
And the journey of your dreams takes flight.
Did you check under your bed?

Make sure the monsters aren't hiding there,
In-between boxes discarded without care,
Waiting to jump out to give you nightmares.
Did you check under your bed?

Using your torch the examine the corners,
For wee little beasties and nocturnal marauders,
Often found in the pages of horror authors.
Did you check under your bed?

That scratching sound is it a cat?
Or maybe a giant mutated rat?
Looking for a new habitat?
Did you check under your bed?

Vampires, Werewolves, Zombies and Demons,
Ghosts, Ghouls and creatures of legions,
You could be moments away from being eaten?

Always check under your bed!


Ashley R Lister said...

This is what kids need to hear at night. Love it.


Lisa Kelly said...

Sometimes you wake up and these things are in your bed.. That's when the problems start!

Love the poem, shall not be reading it to Patrick ;-)