Sunday, 18 August 2013

To August.

Good afternoon folks,

This week on the blog we've been looking at familiar themes. If there is one thing I share in common with a lot of people it is a love of football, so for that, I've decided to write a poem- as a bit of a wake up for the Premier League season. I'm excited. I don't even support a top flight team (I'm a Blackpool fan- we started 2 weeks ago) but that doesn't stop there being something special about the 'big' opening weekend. 
Without further ado then, a poem.

To August. 

After good-byes to Fergie, Mancini and Rafa
The pigeons again have been cleared from the rafters
The grass has been cut and the pitches re-sown
The kits now unveiled and there's tech for the goals.
There'll be Rooney and Luis though neither are playing
And the Welsh whizz kid Bale's off- or so they're saying
The money is bigger, the reward increased
Which basically means you'll pay more for your seats
But you're in- you can't help yourself- this is your love
Whether out on the terrace, at home or the pub
The hope lives within you- child, woman or man
You've played here in your dreams, it's what makes you a fan
So for all of those moments you consider dear
Welcome back, old familiars, this could well be your year. 

Thanks for reading, S. 


Colin Davies said...

I totally agree, life has started again.

Ashley R Lister said...

When I was growing up I used to dread the start of the football season as attention to the sport dominated our house.

Personally, I could never understand the appeal but I appreciate it's of immense importance to the vast majority.

Strong poetry.