Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Anaemia schmemia...VEGANS

I have to say I think vegans are very healthy people. We eat far too much food, particularly meat here in the west and much of it we don't need. My ex was a coiliac, which is a severe gluten allergy which erodes the gut lining causing a multitude of health issues, so I've had to check packaging pretty carefully over the years in supermarkets. Our food has a multitude of hidden additives and bizarre chemicals added to it. Even the meat. Fresh meat in supermarkets is injected with salt, water and sugar to increase its weight and therefore they can charge more per kilogram. I have even found frozen meat in major supermarket to have gluten added. Yes theyve injected wheat in there to stodge it up. Now I know most food is likely to be tampered with, but the meat really does concern me. What on earth do they think they are doing to our food? What right do they have to inject stuff into meat and sell it sneakily like this? It's fraud. Profit over health. But the supermarkets get away with it because they know many people neither understand nor care. Theyve worked a 12 hour shift or are juggling 3 children around or are STANDING DAYDREAMING IN FRONT OF ME WITH THEIR TROLLEY BLOCKING THE AISLE WHEN i JUST WENT IN FOR SOME MILK. Ahem.

I can take meat or leave it. I can't stomach processed meat and if chicken is frozen it has a funny aftertaste to me so I'm happy to avoid it. You know when you're cooking meat and loads of foam comes out of it? That's all the crap they've added to it being released. That's why baon sometimes shrinks by half under the grill. Many ready meals contain chicken reared in thailand where the regulations are far more lax and then processed into meals when the meat is shipped here so they bypass regulations. Check the labels, it states that some of the produce is from Thailand, even the thieving robdog supermarkets like Sainsbuggers do it. Yuck.

Cooking from scratch is the best option but if the meat has been tampered with before it's cooked, what then? The veggies probably have pesticides on them but there is the option of organic veg. But the meat? It may be organic but I'll guess the supermarkets can still claim that it is 'happy' meat if they are just injecting stuff afterwards can't they? Unless you have a local butcher you're stuck with it.

With more intolerances and allergies to foods being discovered nowadays I do think we have to be more aware of what we are eating, surely it does have an impact on our health in more than a physical sense? How about emotional and mental health? If you put crap in...

So, vegans. I'll bet they cook most things from scratch, avoid processed foods like a dose of chlamidia and study packaging carefully for added nasties. So they are on to something I think. I may have no opinion on the animal cruelty aspect but I do think vegans are more careful with what they put into their bodies, which is no bad thing. S'a temple innit?



Ashley R Lister said...

I read this line: "...I'll bet they cook most things from scratch, avoid processed foods like a dose of chlamidia ..." and I started to wonder, "is chlamidia a processed food?"

Fantastic thoughts on food that I'm going to have to share with those in charge of our kitchen. It's horrifying that we can be abused in this way by our food suppliers.