Sunday, 1 December 2013

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Poetry Exercises: The Long Three Stages

1. Read the first book in the library, the first link of a web search or the first handout you're offered. Attempt said exercise- describing in rhyme the innards of a fruit bowl, for example.

2. Attend a poetry reading, a festival tent, a literature festival, a book signing or any other opportunity you get to see actual 'paid' poets perform. Learn as much as you can and try to forget that dreadful exercise you attempted in step one. Instead, work for a few years purely imitating your new Word Gods and Goddesses. You'll find their work in bookshops- tucked in amongst other essential reading.

3. Throw away your inhibitions. You've been doing this for ages now and where has it really got you. Write what you can, when you can because if it dries up, you're back to step two. You should write the poetry that you want to write- paying careful attention to the lessons you've gleaned from others but remaining overall, true to yourself. You've done the legs so take a seat for a minute. Would you like a pencil?

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Colin Davies said...

So what you're saying is. Read stuff, hear stuff, see stuff and write.

That is some of best advice we've had all week.

And there's been some good stuff this week.