Sunday, 26 April 2015

The Elements

The  Elements are something we live with every day. Sun, Wind, Rain, Hail. We can't control them. On recent investigation I discovered an Elemental is a mythical being of which there are four:
Gnome (Earth)
Undine (Water)
Sylph (Wind/Air)
Salamander (Fire)

All of these are fundamental to life. Remember Sherlock Holmes' favourite saying "Elementary my dear Watson."  However much we try to come up with reasons or answers for why things are the way they are, Elementals cannot be ignored.
Mental elements
Ice,  wind,  fire
Storm,  sun,  sea
Cold,  wet, heat
Wild,  loose,  free
Fight,  survive,  live
Love,  share,  give
Multiply,  flourish,  increase
Grace,  peace,  harmony
Time,   never,   cease.
Thanks for reading. Anne Ward