Friday, 13 July 2012

Lucy dancing in the flowers (Ignore the chair which was accidentally painted in a bit.)

I don’t really remember any of the writing exercises I’ve done. So I can’t tell you a favourite or post one here.  I do think they are useful in workshops and having a reason to write. I usually wait for an idea to come along then write it, maybe writing exercises would be useful if I did them at home, perhaps it would make me a little more productive. I don’t usually write unless I have a purpose. But writing is like anything, it needs to be exercised or it becomes flabby. Has anyone got any good books on writing exercises they can recommend?

In place of any worthwhile content I present you a picture of a painting which made me laugh.



Ashley R Lister said...

Good books on writing exercises? Funny you should say that. I'm still in the process of writing one :-)

I enjoyed your short stories at the library on Wednesday night. I was genuinely terrified leaving there - although I think that was partly because I was alone in the lift and thinking about Hammer Horror films.