Friday, 31 August 2012


I love learning new things. I’ve always tried everything I can. At school we had a module called Btec which was related to Blackpool and the Fylde College and we were given the opportunity to sample vocational courses. I LOVED these. I did mechanics, butchery, bakery, computing and a whole load of other things which I enjoyed. I never will forget what a bucket of pigs blood looks like. I plaited bread. I got covered in oil while drowning in a pair of my dad’s overalls.

Unfortunately for me this side of my nature makes me easily distracted by new things. I don’t tend to focus enough in one area because something else has collared my miniscule attention span. I’d much rather experience something new than own something new. Gadgets don’t appeal unless I can do something creative with it. I draw one minute and take photos the next. I try to focus on writing but oooh what’s that over there?

I think of experiencing new things as laying the foundations for writing about lots of things. How can we write if we don’t have even a vague idea of how things work? I’m still learning about myself and the world every day, drinking up the experiences, positive or negative. It’s good fertilizer for the soul as well as for our writing.


Ashley R Lister said...


I can wholly sympathise. I have real problems staying focused on one task. I try to get round this by writing a 'Things to do List' at the start of the day and planning to go through the items one-by-one but it rarely works out that way.

But my ethos is, it gets done eventually.

Great post,