Monday, 12 August 2013

My Family of Familiars

My Family of Familiars

So Mouse said it is fine,
And Cat agreed the line.
Yet Dog was not so keen,
For Rabbit to make a scene.
So Frog made for the road,
While the others all blamed Toad.
And Hamster chewed her seeds,
Sitting on Chicken's knee.
As Newt gave all the eye,
The large Raven flew on by.
Leaving Snake upon the ground,
With the Spiders running round.

“STOP!” cried the Witch,
“For I've had enough of this”

And she put the Spiders in their web,
Picked up Snake by his head.
Called Raven to it's perch,
Placed Newt on a bookshelf verge.
Took Chicken out to the Coop,
Put Hamster with her group.
Told Toad not to roam,
Then made Frog go back home.
She pushed Rabbit into her hutch,
Sent Dog to bed with slightest touch.
Insisted that Cat slept by the broom,
Ordered Mouse back to her room.

“That's better” said the Witch, looking in the mirror,

“Good night to everyone of you, my trust familiars”


Ashley R Lister said...

Love this - would love to hear this being read / recorded.