Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Guest Post - Nigel the Blackpool Bard

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This weekend we're beyond fortunate in having a contribution from local writer and legend, Nigel the Blackpool Bard

The End of the World - by Nigel The Blackpool Bard

It's all going to stop
The turning of this globe
One day it'll go pop
And we'll all have no home
The food will all be gone
No oil, gas or fire
Engulfed by a dying sun
A mass population funeral Pyre
But life will prevail
Out amongst the stars
The strongest will survive
Safe in the giant spacecraft
All the rich business types
All the top bankers
All of those with regal birth rights
All the political wankers
Will file on two by two
To the massive rocket arch
Laughing at the meek and the fool
Who failed to leave their mark
And off they'll shoot up into the distance
Never to return what they sold
Those left behind will sing and dance
Because we lied about the end of the world


Ashley R Lister said...

Can't wait to hear you reading this on Saturday.


Colin Davies said...

Very Douglas Adams. Love it and I'm now wondering if they'll go for it if we tried it.