Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Springy stuff

As I walked my little chimps to school this morning I looked around me at the gardens bursting into life and pondered a bit. Then pondered some more. Then felt happy because it was spring. Spring is where I come to life, after being a grump all winter as it's freezing and damp. I watched the little daffodils standing bright and tall and thought to myself, they don't let a bit of cold weather get them down, they make their merry way through the soil regardless of what the weather man says at the same time each year. They don't moan about their electricity bills, how much baked beans cost these days they just burst up like little bubbles of happiness ready to brighten everything around them. Their smiley little heads bobbing side to side in the breeze wondering if the little kids on the school run are going to decapitate them and give their heads to their mums. Yes they don't last too long but they'll always come back next year.  Daffodils, and spring, make me smile and give me that burst forward into the future, that lovely optimism that makes me think yes, life is going to be good. They aren't just plants that produce a lovely flower, they are fearless, relentless little soldiers lined up across gardens everywhere, saying "Bring it on, I can take whatever you've got." Daffodils are good.



vicky ellis said...

Can I hear a shout out for the crocuses and hyacinths too please? Oh, and pigeons getting all horny. That's the true sign that Spring has arrived :)

Lindsay said...

Pigeons get horny in spring? I can imagine them now strutting their little stuff, outside Greggs on a saturday afternoon :)