Tuesday, 18 March 2014


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Drooling from stone lips
a cold trickle emerged, cleansed
by layers of dirt

Slither of sapwood
silk string wrenches nock to nock
breath waits while head wanders

Basboosa's barrow
tumbled: 'No permit, no work.'
He burned in the street.

Vernal equinox
crocuses in purple pools
that warm day in March

Draw a circle in
the air.  Move your hand forward.
Slowly.  Close enough.



Adele said...

I remember that one Vicky. The warm day in March.

Lovely post. Sets me thinking about new beginnings and emergence from darkness.

Christo Heyworth said...

What impresses me is how my "inner ear" can hear you reading these aloud to yourself as you were composing, just as his daughter tells us Dylan Thomas used to "in the woodshed" where so often he wrote.
I'm surprised so often at Open Mic sessions that those delivering their poems clearly have no idea as to how the poem SOUNDS to the audience, whereas the sibilance especially of yours mimic water's trickle and Spring's eruption into light.
I like very much - thanks, Vicky.

vicky ellis said...

Me too Adele :-)

Christo, thank you. I don't know another way to write. It's all about how it feels on the tongue. I said that to a high school class and they found it hilarious.

Christo said...


Hope you will find that this has similar qualities.

And teenagers have universally mucky minds - "on the tongue" will have had different connotations for them.

vicky ellis said...

I do love a conversational poem. Thanks for the link.