Sunday, 6 April 2014

The Family Business.

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The family business.

A bastard child from Nick and Dave
Will rise one day to centre stage
For that's the way it works these days
In the land of hope and Tory.

Perhaps it's how it has always been
Just to be believed it must be seen
The takings still rife it would seem
Though that's another story.

But on the day he rises up
From a private school with swelling books
The kind where coke's the only cut
Don't just let him take the glory.

With his perfect health and his gleaming teeth
Vaccinations, check-ups twice a week
Spending fiddled cash on posh retreats
Life for him is hunky dory.

For it is true money makes worlds turn
Ensures salaries we'd never earn
In investment jobs with cash to burn
Before someone finds a jury.

Is that the world we live in now
With jobs for the boys that can milk the cow
There's a ladder, sure, but it stops somehow
Half way up the multi-storey.

So before he grows to take the stage
Let's remind his folks we're still enraged
It's more cuts and costs. It's have's, have not's
It's still us and them, Oh Lordy!

We must spread the message far and wide
That we'll not keep being taken for a ride
There's no growth here, it's just daily lies
In the land of hope and Tory.

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