Friday, 4 April 2014

We're a quirky bunch ....

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Families eh? Sometimes you can't live with them, but neither could you live without them. Generally speaking anyway. No matter how difficult things may be from time to time due to disagreements, I wouldn't ever say that I could live without them.

I often ask myself why there appears to be a myth surrounding what a "normal" family may be. I have long since realised that there is no such thing. Each Family unit is different. Sure, some may argue more than others, but that doesn't make the other ones' "normal"!

So ultimately, my message to my Family is this; I'll always love each and every one of you! Each of you is unique. Yet together, we are the same.

My Quirky Family

They are my greatest fount of joy
They can be my deepest source of pain
They are my most precious assets
To help endure the rain.

We have the fondest memories
We can have the bitterest rows
We don't always get together
But we make it through somehow.

I love my unique lot
I love them one and all
They are my quirky family
They help me to stand tall.

Thanks for reading. x  ;-)