Monday, 23 June 2014


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by Abdul Dawood (Abdulicious)

The Space we create

This is my space, that is your space,
We separate our sides via the show lace,
But that was then when we were ten,
Balling on a budget, love hearts in the sand
Till the kids decide to smudge it,
Now we want our place, our personal space,
So we look at the mortgage rates,
But we are not quite there given our financial state,
So that is a wrong move, log on to Right Move,
See your face, as we look to rent a space,
Pine wood doors, marble floors,
It's all yours, doing the chores, now we built a foundation
Like all 4’s, See this is the space we create,
Now we deviate, from the old space to the new space,
And every months she wants her own space menstruation,
And we get cross with each other like a Christian,
I need some breathing space See, so I take her space on the settee
Kicked out the bedroom, until her cycle stops,
Got 1 eye on the calendar like a Cyclops,
See that is when we make love faces, make love spaces,
My heart races, and then its back to basics,
I then get audacious, and move the furniture to make it more spacious,
That’s when you get ferocious, and get it poppin like Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious,
See our space could have turned out different, 
Could be sleeping on a bench in the park,
Or in a cardboard box my palace in the dark,
Sometimes I end up in the dog house when I bark,
Or if I over step the mark, it gives me space to rediscover that spark, 
Abdulicious 2014 

This is my first time writing for the Dead Good Blog. I focused on the theme which was space. I mean we all need space sometimes time away from wife, girlfriend, work, friends and family and just need our space to be alone. And I decided to cover that in the poem. Sometimes we need space for a good reason e.g. it can be when we watch our son or daughter take their first steps towards us, or when we create a space for our first child's room it must be an amazing feeling. You could even move into a bad space like one with noisy neighbours, mice and other vermin. Space is so spacious there are countless ways I can determine space. But I feel I have covered a lot of space in my first blog. Please do leave your thoughts on my space. Which is the place below which is marked comments. I don’t actually have a Myspace page. 


An impulsive berk said...

"Kicked out the bedroom, until her cycle stops,"

Still not sure what a bike ride has to do with you sleeping on the sofa...

Fab first post Abdul - welcome!

Abdul Dawood said...

Not a bike ride its the menstrual cycle when that happens a brother cant hit it so pointless sleeping in the bedroom. Take her space on the Settee get me.

An impulsive berk said...

I see some interesting debates ahead.

I don't know about it being pointless sleeping beside someone you love just because you're unlikely to get sex. It suggests you don't like sleeping with her in the first place.

I have no words for how much I hate the phrase 'hit it' :P

Abdulicious said...

I didnt mean it like that I was just being creative and creating some space between the lady and man. Trust me I aint that kinda guy that is just init for the sex if it was my woman I would comfort her through that part of the month.