Friday, 15 August 2014

My mood? You really want to know .... ?

This weeks' theme is "Mood".

The reason for the late post today is my mood.  In a nutshell ...... aaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrggggggggghhhhhhhh! I'm stressed to high hell and back again truth be told.

  • Reason 1:  My health.  It's nothing life threatening, but it is still affecting my day to day activities.
  • Reason 2:  It's the school holidays and my little cherub is acting up.  Something most of you can probably sympathise with.  Keeping him entertained and amused is proving to be a challenge!
  • Reason 3:  Other things which I can't elaborate on right now.

So, yeah, I'm a tad stressed right now.

Normally though, I am a calm person. A quiet, politely spoken, helpful and considerate person. But no, I am none of these things in particular at the moment. To quote a phrase in the completely wrong context: "I am woman, hear me ROAR!"  I am doing my darnedest though, to try and retain some semblance of my usual self, including a sense of humour, however difficult that my be.  I am sure many of you have been there.

School Holiday Stress:

Despite the fact he's on holiday
he wakes at 6 a.m.
Makes enough noise whilst playing
to raise the dead again.
Another day has now begun,
but how to entertain
and keep amused this little soul?
I wrack and wrack my brain.
We've done most of the bright idea's
I'd already written down,
been to the park innumerable times
and the Circus to see the Clowns,
We've had picnics on the beach
and strolled along the piers,
We watched the local airshow
while he covered up his ears.
We've done the zoo and marine attractions,
the indoor adventure play area's,
attended his friends birthday parties,
on sugar high hysteria.
I'm beginning to pull my hair out
I can't keep up the pace
There's still another 3 weeks to go -
the realisation brings palm to face!
If you've got any good idea's
please suggest them in the box below,
I'm stressed to high heaven
the depth of my gratitude you'll never know!

Ok, deep breaths. I feel a little better now I've got that off my chest! 'Til next week my friends, adieu!

Thanks for reading.  ;-)  x