Sunday, 23 November 2014

Hook - What's Yours?

At face value we look in on an extreme initiation challenge. This crazy action is undertaken in order to belong.
I have looked back at the poem though and have considered it as a metaphor describing the discomforts and sacrifices that we make in order to be accepted or loved or affirmed. What's your noose?

“Just ten,
Tiptoe for ten.”
The flint gang leader said.
Cold kiss on initiate’s neck
From noose.

Or slow strangle.
This ten minute’s torment,
Soon sorts out the men from the boys.
Quick noose.

His calves quiver.
His breathing starts to shake.
Gag diverts gasps to nostril’s hiss.
Mean noose.

Blowing, sucking,
Rasping through clinging snot,
Forcing through wet mess, his scared breaths.
Tight noose.

Hot tears
Bulging, fearful,
Tremble on eyelid’s edge,
Quaking at its fullest moment.
Cruel noose. 

Escaping tear
Runs downhill for its life,
Curbed and swallowed by the gag.
Brute noose. 

Foaming mucus
Flaps and sticks to his face.
Dignity is on its last legs.
Vile noose. 

Muscles weaken.
The hungry coil bites hard.
His blood collides with a dead end.
Smug noose.

Heather Taylor.



Christo said...

Hi, Heather, and well done - a most unpoetic topic delivered with cold precision