Friday, 28 November 2014

Love the ones you're with ...

On this weeks' theme I would love to go into the intricacies of feet being the meter of poetry .... but I'm not that clever. So instead, I'll go with a more literal approach and talk about our feet. Those lovely (although not very pretty) appendages attached to our ankles.

I always enjoyed Biology at school, but even I was surprised to learn some facts about our feet whilst doing research for this blog. I mean, did you know that your feet have 250,000 sweat glands? "Eeeeeeuuuwwww" I hear you say! Well it's no wonder they get smelly from time to time now is it? As a race, we really don't look after them very well. They are the most ignored part of the body on the whole, which when you think about how much you rely on them, is a bit stupid really isn't it? Even back in the First and Second World Wars, soldiers were told to keep their feet warm and dry to prevent things like trench foot (a very unpleasant malady indeed). Look after them folks, don't take them for granted, they really deserve pampering!

Ode(our) to my feet:

You've carried me since I learned to walk
all those years ago
you'll hopefully carry me until I die
and I wanted you to know
how grateful I truly am
for all you've done for me;
walking, running, jumping, dancing,
tiptoeing carefully,
so thank you to your every part;
all 26 bones in each,
33 joints,19 muscles, 10 tendons,
107 ligaments helping us reach.
Your 250,000 sweat glands
may not be popular with our noses
But you carry us around 10,000 steps per day 
It no surprise you don't smell like roses.
That's 115,000 miles in a lifetime
or 4 times around the Earth,
what would we do without you?
You're incomparable when it comes to worth!
So I promise that I'll look after you
get you measured properly in Barleycorns
get the right sized shoes for you to wear
not squashed inside using a shoehorn!
I bathe you and I'll exfoliate you
keep your skin soft and clean
No matter how thick your sole is
to let you suffer would be obscene!
You've carried me since I learned to walk
all those years ago,
You'll hopefully carry me until I die,
I love you - ankle to big toe!

So folks, if you're heading out, hitting the Black Friday Sales (Why would you though? You're not THAT daft, are you?) make sure you don't get your feet stepped on. Thanks for reading. ;-D x



Adele said...

Love my feet! They dance.