Saturday, 8 November 2014


I've been having fun with electricity and my service supplier recently.

Weekly electricity consumption has been fairly constant over the year and a bit that I've lived in my house in Blackpool [say 30KwH per week], so imagine my surprise and consternation when in September it quadrupled for no obvious reason - my pattern of usage had not changed.

I contacted The Mighty Provider and said I thought my meter was malfunctioning. I was told this hardly ever happens, but for a fee of £90 I could have a check-meter fitted. After assuring myself that the neighbours weren't tapping into my mains supply (!) I acquired an over-the-counter proprietary clip-on meter to monitor the usage myself. I had hours of fun firing up one appliance at a time, searching for what the rogue consumer of all those extra kilowatt hours could be.

This exercise yielded nothing unusual, so when I went away for a long week-end I turned off all power at the main fuse-box. Imagine my surprise on returning to find I'd consumed 30KwH in my absence with absolutely nothing switched on! The Mighty Provider conceded I might have a problem and asked me to file an official  complaint, which I was happy to do, whereupon he agreed to install a correctly calibrated check-meter free of charge to run in parallel with my own meter for two weeks.

The results? Firstly, my own meter is incrementing at over three times the check-meter rate [320% of actual usage]. Secondly, according to the check-meter my weekly electricity usage is closer to 20KwH per week - so I may have been over-metered by 50% for over a year! The Mighty Provider is arranging for a replacement meter to be fitted.

You can be sure I'll attach the proprietary clip-on meter to double-check its accuracy. It might take ae-ons to negotiate a refund from The Mighty Provider. I guess it depends if he cares whether I switch to another supplier or not.

This week's poem has absolutely nothing to do with my sorry tale of electrickery...

Kind Words For Clueless Cross-worders
Enjoy the crosslights,
but don't worry
about the blanks -
for it is a mistake
to try and force
inelegant solutions
out of
this indecipherable anagram
of life!

Thanks for reading ;-)  Have a good week. S