Tuesday, 2 June 2015


Dragons appear in mythology and stories throughout the ages - and feature also in futuristic stories, films and gaming. Personally I don't believe they ever truly existed but are one of Man's labels depicting 'Evil' - and hence the eternal struggle between 'Good  ' and 'Evil '. They make for good reading, viewing and adventures - and 9 times out of 10 - with the victory of mankind over 'evil' in it's many guises. I only know of one 'kindly' dragon - this being " Puff " of the song and probably based upon our desire to see goodness in a ferocious styled entity. With this in mind I pen this :-
My Friend

When I was young and just a lad
I had a friend - the best I ever had.
He came to visit and play awhile,
Made me laugh, made me smile.
Nobody saw him - only me,
He came to my room after tea.
We'd play for hours- just we two
For I had no siblings and friends were few.
He wasn't cuddly as teddies are
But his mind was bright as any star.
As I grew older his visits were less
I became a teenager who couldn't care less.
One day his visits ceased altogether,
But I never really noticed he'd gone forever.

Today, as I sat down for tea
With my little son upon my knee:
He looked earnestly into my eye
And asked if he could learn to fly.
I asked him why he had that wish,
He replied, "To fly with my dragon would be bliss ! "
I questioned him further and did find out
He had a friend, as it came about.
For he'd never really gone you see
But waited another opportunity
To come and visit and play awhile,
Make my son happy - make him smile.
So you remember, once in a while
Your own dragon who made you smile.

             Kath Curtiss