Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Out In The Blue

This week's theme BLUE...well I was certain that I might have a piece to fit the bill. After all I'm always  " out in the blue " , so to speak. Spending a lot of time walking in the mountains, by lochs and seashore - but no - nothing in my archives. So I had to find some time to write something.

Blue - a word used to describe a colour, a mood, a naughty joke, an additive to whiten washing, a type of music (Blues ) , an ice dance ( the Blues ), bad language - - to name a few. I tend to link the word with songs like " Blue Moon " , " I'd Rather be Blue " , " Am I Blue ? " , " Blue Heaven " , " Blue Velvet " - -probably because I go dancing and these tunes often crop up. The colour blue often turns up on my photographs - -blue sky, blue lakes, far distant blue mountains, glacier ice appearing blue.

We associate blue with summer skies and the seaside - yet we talk about being "blue with the cold " in the depths of winter. Without the colour blue our world would be much duller as it makes up other colours - greens, jades, lilacs, purples, greys. Imagine being without " Blue "!

By the way the photograph is from my 2015 file and it's entitled " Blue blue "

Blue Eyes
I miss those blue eyes
that twinkled with mischief,
those eyes that shed no tears,
that gazed at me with love.
Blue eyes are gone now -
The light went out.
Kath Curtiss (aka Lady Curt). Thanks for reading.