Monday, 25 June 2012

On Reflection- the best bits.

This week, as we approach our anniversary of blogging, we are looking at the theme of our Favourite Blogging Moments. We are modest like that.

For me, there are plenty of blogging memories- moments over the last (near) year that have surprised me, made me laugh, made me angry, inspired me and yes, probably upset me. To pick just one moment then would be a waste of a perfectly good crowing opportunity- well, it is approaching our birthday.

I have had a bloody good rant for most of this year on the quiet. I seem to have jumped on the soapbox at any given opportunity and so, partly I apologise, though evidently you are still reading the posts- maybe you like them.

My blogging memory so far then is actually a cluster of blogging related memories. Since starting up we’ve written on all sorts of themes and had quite a lot of positive feedback. Sure, I have come further than I thought as a writer in the last year but it is the text message from my mother saying “Just read your blog. I cried xx”, my boss telling me she had logged on and was really impressed, Christo stopping me in town on Saturday to tell me he loved the jubilee post and things like that. And the little award that is sitting next to Lara’s side of the bed at the moment- that too was enjoyable.

I have picked out below, just a few posts from over the year (some mine, some not). I am often asked what we write about daily on a poetry blog and so, for anyone just having a look in- these are some posts I would recommend. Amongst them I found persuasive, reflective, informative, inspiring and brave writing. This is in no way an extensive list- it doesn’t even start to mention all the work everyone does on here but, if I had to single a few posts out as a taster- these are the ones.

Blackpool Poetics (or How I Learned to Love Violence) (Standard draws inspiration from Blackpool)
Nantucket  (Ashley takes a moment to share the perv verse)
The Sleeping Poet (Lara asks the question of what is it to be a poet)
Yonic Monologue (Vicky shares just why it is she writes. Sex, it would seem.)
Britain Has Got Talent. An Apology. (Re-tweeted by The Poetry Society. Maybe my proudest day)
Fibonacci (Could Lindsay’s post about the sequence inspire a poem? It did for at least one blogger.)
 A Little Bit Green or Red, White and Blue. (Is it wrong to love a Jubilee weekend? I get patriotic)

Note: I have intentionally left out the guest bloggers from this list. I’m not here to start fights between poets!  Some great posts from Jo Bell, Fiona Pitt- Kethley and John Siddique amongst many others can be found under the ‘Guest’ tag.

Thanks for reading, S.


Ashley R Lister said...

Some exemplary posts listed there.

I can't believe you made your mum cry. You should be ashamed of yourself :-)


Lindsay said...

It's gone so fast! Some great posts there Shaun, its been a good year. Fantastic that you got reposted by the poetry society too, congrats on that one. The post that I think made your mum cry was one that made me well up too. Your view of humanity has always been exceptional and incredibly touching. Keep ranting because it needs to be done. Apathy is worse than anything.

Fantastic post Shaun :)