Saturday, 24 November 2012

Free erotic fiction

 by Ashley Lister

 Our theme this week is reasons why we’re proud. Thursday night exemplified many of the reasons why I believe I’m entitled to feel proud. Thursday night was the night of the erotic fiction reading at the No. 5 Café.

Two dear friends, both highly respected colleagues, visited Blackpool for Thursday evening. These were the writers D L King and Remittance Girl. They read some of their work.

They were superb.

Award winning poet, performance artist, author, workshop facilitator and blogger, Vicky Ellis, had kindly agreed to read some of my work because I was committed to a conflicting engagement for the first part of the evening.

Vicky did an awesome job.

There were a host of authors on the open mic, reading their work and sharing their intimate writings. The parts I caught were stunning. Blackpool really does have a hell of a lot of talent that is consistently overlooked.

My son, Ash JR, kindly compered the evening. His professionalism made me blush.

Below are links to the performances of some of the stories that were read. Please keep in mind that most of these links are probably NSFW (Not Safe for Work). These stories are on an adult theme and contain descriptions of sexual acts. If you're likely to be offended by any of these stories then please don't follow the links. And, to reiterate my original point: the fact that I’m lucky enough to work with such capable professionals who can produce and perform material of this calibre is one of the reasons why I’m deservedly proud.

NB - These are just three clips from the evening. I'm working on getting the others uploaded as soon as I'm able. It was a grand night and public opinion is insisting that we have to do something like this again in the near future.