Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Five Things...

It would seem that this week’s theme, ‘5 things I don’t tell people about myself’, has caused a silence to descend on the blog. Perhaps abstaining from writing to this theme is better than revealing information we usually attempt to conceal from others, but I have delved into the depths of my strange mind and picked out five odd facts about myself that I don’t usually share but which I’m willing to admit to here.

1)      I stick my tongue out when I’m doing something that involves a lot of concentration. It’s an unconscious, involuntary, habit that I’ve had since I was little; and one which seems to run in the family: my grandpop used to do it, my dad does it, and even my three-year-old nephew has acquired the trait.
2)      I once stole a cat from outside one of the houses I used to delivery newspapers to. It was a longhaired cat, whose fur was badly matted, and which used to sleep outside in a cardboard box. I thought it needed saving, so I placed it in my newspaper bag, cycled home with it, and concealed it for over a week in our summerhouse. When my mother eventually discovered it, it was quickly returned to the owner.
3)      I’ve probably watched Bridget Jones and Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason at least 200 times. Bridget is the person I turn to when I’m having a down-day. I can pretty much speak the words of the actors before they’ve actually spoken them, and I know a range of pointless details (for example, the name of the press company that Bridge works for in the first film). In fact, if I was ever to go on Mastermind, the Bridget films would probably be my specialist subject.
4)      When I started swimming lessons at four, I refused to go in the water because I was convinced there were sharks beneath the glistening, flickering surface. It took over a year to convince me I was wrong.
5)      I once spent over a week designing and drawing a ‘football stadium of the future’ for a Match magazine competition. I won first prize and received a Premiership football kit of my choice (obviously I pick a Coventry kit, because those were the days when we weren’t stuck in the unknown realms of League One).

Thank you for reading,


Lindsay said...

I do the sticky out tongue thing too.

scottydotti said...

Hey Lara I loved this alot I will try to be honest and do my 5 things later :) it is a good way of thinking back in time.. Wonder how many will do it ! Ty for this x

Ashley R Lister said...

I would have stolen the cat too.


vicky ellis said...

Two of my sisters and I once stole a dog. It lived across the alley from us and was a Jack Russell. When my mum came upstairs we hid it in the wardrobe. The little bleeder made a noise and she found it. We got smacked bottms and sent to bed. Shortly after that we got a puppy. Mixed signals eh?

I love that you watch Bridget Jones over and over :) She's a brilliant character.


scottydotti said...

I do sticky out tongue thing too lol my papa did it too now im back to try write my 5 things :)

1 .. When I was 15 I tasted my first alcoholic drink went home a bit tipsy lol my parents were very strict.Entered the house to meet my mum waiting "your late" mum yelled "do I smell drink off you" "mum don't be silly " I was trying not to giggle came up with this story it is new cider bubblegum Alan the ice cream man selling it's lovely. Next day ran out to ice cream msn said "if mum comes asks you, do u sell cider bubbly plz show her that orange stuff" lol yes she did and oh yes Alan covered my back lol I never got grounded lol

2 ... Had my tonsils out at 14 yrs old it hurt so much was told if u dont eat that toast you will be kept in.I hated hospital so took toast to toilet wrapped it in loo roll stuffed it in my wash bag put some crumbs on plate. Nurse came to check she said I was good gurl yeah I got home woo hoo lol..nobody knew that secret

3.. My sister got lovely white mouse I hated it so through night opened the cage to give it freedom lol it escaped sister was crying as her little ratty mouse gone forever. Next door neighbour caught it in mouse trap so was bye bye snowy lol ...

4 ... When I worked in a hotel in Isle of man in 80's this guest had a fear of snakes I got rubber one placed it neatly in her bed put little tea on it looked so real lol maggie jumped in bed and hey presto screams heard but oh dear she wet bed lol I still giggle about that one ... ;)

5 ... I had a bike when I was 10 I was a daredevil went to gravel pit made some ramps to ride was fun till I missed one came over handlebars and smashed my knee in was in agony burst my new bike tire . Oh god I be grounded again so went home said to dad in sobs" was attacked by two big boys and look at my knee n my new bike" He rushed out door I thought plz God make no boys be in sight lol he came back said " no sign of them good job for that I was hoing to drag them here to see mess of you and your new bike " lol saved by bell again

Ta Lara this made me giggle xxx