Thursday, 3 October 2013

Den of Thieves


Light bulb.  

Guiding light.

Dazzling mind.

The fire inside.

Sparks.  Arcs.

Heat.  Neat.

It's National Poetry Day.  The theme is water.  Water and electricity don't mix. 

If education is electricity, business is water.


Dampened voices.  Drowned out.


Washed up.  Foggy.



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Colin Davies said...

"If education is electricity, business is water."

Right kids!

Yet again Vicky you produce something wonderful.

Thank you, this made me smile this morning. Brilliant.

Ashley R Lister said...

Great poetry. And a great post. Someone directed me toward the link you shared earlier this week and I find it horrifying.

Sadly, this is the current mindset in our country: everything should be run like a business.

Personally I don't get it. It's not like business have ever done anything good except make rich bastards richer, but what would I know?


vicky ellis said...

I think businesses can use education, most wrong with that. But they shouldn't be running education. Too many conflicts of interest. I particularly dislike the fact that the business model for education seems to involve taking the money from any sponsor regardless of their ethical background. I daresay certain establishments would create a new training programme for frackers if the money was right...Oh wait..

vicky ellis said...

*nothing wrong with that

Lisa Kelly said...

Massive concern at the moment. "Students are consumers". Consumers are individual. It gives individual students the right to complain, weakening the group voice that is so effective. Grr.

Love the poem. May borrow it with full credit if we ever have to campaign... :-)

L x