Saturday, 16 August 2014

Mood indigo > indigent > indignant > indulgent...

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Well I woke up this morning [in classic bluesman style, guitar in hand - but swapped my six-string for a pen] and tried to capture a feeling before it slipped away - that sense of not really wanting to face the new day just yet, preferring to linger awhile longer in the languor of last night...
This one is for Nessa.

I open the window
into a cold and rainy morning.
The grey streets
are full of grey people
with frowns on their faces
and water in their shoes,
cursing the day they were born.
So I turn back to Friday night,
for you are smiling and warm.

Steve Rowland

Note to self: Forget about your trouble and your strife. Embrace the simple ambiguities of life :-)
Thank you all for reading... I wish you the best of weeks. Come on you mighty Seasiders!


Christo said...

Thanks for this, Steve.
It reminds me of my favourite blues poet, John Harvey, who is probably better know for his amusing detective novels.
I discovered what I think is his only poetry collection, Bluer Than This (Smith/Doorstop -1998) in what used to be the Oxfam Shop on Talbot Road by the Whittle Springs pub when Oxfam local outlets still sold books. They tend to do so only online in 2014, but there are still lots of goodies at less than a fiver.
Your contrast betwwen Saurday grey and Friday's smile is well-managed.
Enjoyable for me as, whereas there are lots of people who claim to love blues music, very few let it inform their writing.
Wail on !