Monday, 23 April 2012

Guilty Pleasures

Trevor's Living Doll

An irrational fear of pins became a tool for Trev,
who held Barbie each night of their relationship -
from the night at The Hound on that very first date
held her closer than close, as his God given right.

The mucky white van bearing ‘I wish my wife
was as dirty as this’ traded meat from the car park
with girls for all tastes, best in town for the price.

His eyes, like piss holes in snow reduced options
beer goggles meant choices of Exotic or White
were lost on his cash clutching hands in the car park
it was Barbie this time, Barbie caught the most light.

One night as he threw her about, he discovered
crashing through the lampstand forced a peep from her frame
The squeal of sorts met with delight from her master
as he forced the limp torso to play his cruel game. 

The fear was tweaked almost nightly. Curtain poles were swung,
blades brushed and pins; The smallest of pins could prize fear from her lips-
drunken Trev felt as man-God, drunken God-man did this.

The van in the car park became known to the locals
A popular haunt for 'promiscuous sorts'
the dollies were passed hand to hand, girls like Barbie-
guilty pleasures, made for nothing but mass intercourse.


The theme this week is Guilty Pleasures. I was thinking Shakespeare all day, April 23rd being his recognised birthday and all but, it just wasn't working for me. We all know the thing I like doing the most that I don't tell people straight away is poetry and so what other way to indulge that than to write and share something so new it hasn't even made it off the printer yet. There are various shifts in pace, tone and tense to iron out. There are lines to chop, edit and rewrite entirely. There are also some fairly loose ideas knocking about in the piece that I would like to tighten up. This poem will probably be edited into a piece vastly different to what is written here but, as the evening fast approaches, I needed something to share with you guys. 

Cheers for reading,



Ashley R Lister said...

I can't wait to hear the edited version of this. I enjoyed what you've written and I'll be intrigued to see how it develops.