Saturday, 13 April 2013

Poulton Revisited

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 by Ashley Lister

 I enjoy a challenge as much as the next person. However, writing something about vintage Poulton has proved somewhat problematic.

Initially I started by trying to incorporate the fun of an existing local vintage poem into the theme – but it didn’t quite work:

There’s a famous seaside place called Blackpool
That’s noted for fresh air and fun
But the Ramsbottoms got lost on the way there
And they ended up stuck in Poulton…

So, instead, I researched some of Poulton’s history and scraped together the following lines:

It sits in North West Lancashire
The scenery is quite fine
And for orienteers trying to locate the place
It’s OS grid reference SD3439…

…which was coming across as a little bit like a McGonagall, so I abandoned it.

My issues with Poulton are down to my personal ignorance of local history and geography. It doesn’t help that the only person I ever knew who proudly bragged about her Poulton heritage was someone I didn’t particularly like. However, it was with that thought that I was inspired to come up with the following idea:

In days gone by [err]
Near the River Wyre
Lived a woman whose life was a mess
She was callous and cruel
She came from Skipool
She was Pauline: the Poulton Princess

Today I’m off to the workshop at the library in the hope that inspiration can strike in a more sensible fashion. If not, I believe I might write more on the ballad of Pauline the Poulton Princess.


Adam McCance said...

I wonder who the Poulton-based manwife referred to here could be...?

Ashley R Lister said...

Funnily enough, I think you might know the manwife I'm talking about.

I'll share the rest of the poem with you when I see you on Saturday.