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Friday, 26 March 2021

Cat On The Doorstep

Well, once again I am going to feature the cat that visited me for four years. It was a surprise, for I had only recently buried my well-loved cat in the garden. Perhaps he now knew that the coast was clear, or perhaps looking for her...who knows? There he was staring, intently, through the glass. For a few days I just acknowledged him, spoke to him and stroked him. Then I wondered if perhaps he was a stray, but he looked too healthy. Of course I had cat food left, didn't I so it was natural to offer him a little. Still he remained outside. A week or so passed and each morning at 8.30 he was there ..Ah! So his owners probably go out to work!

Eventually he ventured through the door into the conservatory, he'd stay a while then go till the next morning. As the weather deteriorated he spent more and more time indoors, till just before Christmas I put his photo onto Facebook....result! His owner was found! She lived in the next street...a very busy road. 

The story though is rather uncanny.....my next door neighbour had to have her cat put to sleep..it was a Wednesday morning . She returned home and 'the cat' sat at her doorstep in the afternoon! Obviously , though, he didn't receive such a warm welcome for after a couple of days he returned to me. A few weeks passed and another widow on the corner had her cat put to sleep and lo and behold 'the cat' went to her house for a few days!! We laughed about it and said he preferred widows, without pets.

It became a daily routine to find him on the doorstep. He would make himself quite at home and depart at tea time...although if I was going out I would clap my hands and he'd go to the door to be let out. However I used to go away a lot for days at a time and neighbours would tell me that he'd sit on the windowsill for the whole day. As soon as I drove towards the house he would bound out, jump on the bonnet...I would open the door and he would get in and enjoy a run to the house.

Of course his owner was not best pleased, but despite my efforts to not feed him, not let him in, he would sit on the windowsill crying, and mewing , distressing himself and me ! He also adored Donald and I have many photos of him , trying to get inside Don's body warmer!

I had to resign myself that he loved me! Nothing was going to keep him from me! As initially I didn't know his name I called him " Sweetie Pie" and he never reacted at all to his real name of Logan!

One day I came home and he was laid on the driveway. He couldn't walk at all well and dragged himself inside. I fetched his owner and he was taken to the vet. He died that night. His owner told me they suspected he had been poisoned...but he had come to me for help...he will never be forgotten...

Sweetie Pie 

On the doorstep was a a cat.
Looking in at me.
Whence he came?
Why to my house?
Why to me ?
A few days before
I'd laid my cat
To rest in the garden.

But on my doorstep was a cat!
Looking in at me.
Why come to me?
What brought him here?
Why to me?
I was still grieving.
I was bereft.

But on my doorstep was a cat!
Looking in at me.
I opened the door.
He didn't enter.
Sitting still
Watching my every move.
Waiting for what?

I had cat food in the cupboard,
I gave him some.
Fed him on the step.
He wasn't greedy.
Took his time
And went away.

Next day, on the doorstep
Waiting patiently - the cat.
Over time he entered.
Sat on my lap.
Lay in my arms.
Liked to be close.
Every day he came.

Now my doorstep is empty.
He died , you see.
But came to me, in pain-
Seeking solace.
Unable to walk.
His owner came for him.
Why did he choose me?        

Thanks for reading, Kath 


Steve Rowland said...

SP/Logan looked like a dine beast. He could well have been poisoned. It's very common unfortunately and not necessarily by human hand. Various lilies are poisonous to cats. My own cat died in similar circumstances a few years ago in her prime. Sad. =@=